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Session 1.0:
Session 1.1:
Life Is Choices
Session 1- (Confirmation I)- Your Choices Matter
Session 1.2:
The Best Way To Live
Session 1.3:
God's Dream for You
Session 1.4:
Be a Rebel
Session 1.5:
Decision Point
Session 2- (Confirmation I)- What's Holding You Back
Session 2.0:
What Are You Doing?
Session 2.2:
Stinking Thinking
Session 2.4:
This is Personal
Session 2.1:
The Quest of Happiness
Session 2.3:
Hungry for the Truth
Session 2.5:
Decision Point
Session 3- (Confirmation I)- The Jesus Question
Session 3.0:
Looking for Judas
Session 3.2:
The Problem and The Solution
Session 3.1:
Who is Jesus?
Session 3.3:
Jesus Was a Radical
Session 3.4:
Second Chances
Session 3.5:
Decision Point
Session 4 (Confirmation I)- The Prayer Process
Session 4.0:
Intro- Silence
Session 4.2:
The Big Question
Session 4.4:
The Best Way to learn
Session 4.1:
Why Pray?
Session 4.3:
The Prayer Process
Session 4.5:
Decision Point
Session 5 (Confirmation I)- The Bible
Session 5.0:
Intro Unexpected Gifts
Session 5.2:
Introduction to the Bible
Session 5.4:
The Power of Habit
Session 5.1:
Map for the Journey
Session 5.3:
How To Use the Bible
Session 5.5:
Decision Point
Session 6 (Confirmation I)- Relationships
Session 6.0:
Intro: Bear Bait
Session 6.2:
Choose Your Friends Wisely
Session 6.4:
Your Quest For Love
Session 6.1:
What is the Purpose?
Session 6.3:
What Is Love?
Session 6.5:
Decision Point
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