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Please fill out form than, hand deliver with payment to the Religous Education office no later than
October 15, 2020.  Thank you!

Online Registration for
2020 - 2021
Relgious Education Program  

Home Based Remote Learning

Watch Me First!

"Saving a Dying, Shrinking Church"
by Brother Casey Cole

June 2020


Dear Parent or Guardian,

Welcome to SSPJ Religious Education Program's Online Registration portal.


It is important to read this first before registering your child.
As Catholics, the most important thing we do as a community is participate in Mass each Sunday.  Attendance at Mass instructs us, strengthens us and nourishes us in the reception of the Holy Eucharist.  It also fills us with the joy and mission and encourages us to take Christ to others in our daily life.


As such, we want to be clear about our modified Mass Attendance Policy for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  There are 35 Sundays on our Religious Education school calendar this year.  From October 4th 2020 through May 30th 2021, all in our Catholic faith community are obliged to attend Mass weekly.  However, during the pandemic, that obligation has been temporarily suspended.  Our hope is that shortly, we will again be able to gather in large numbers each weekend to Celebrate Eucharist with each other. 


With that goal in mind, the SSPJ Religious Education Team has redesigned our parish RE program with an understanding of YOUR new reality and ours. We recognize the time demands and the many uncertainties we face as we approach the next school year.


Now we ask you to review the following main points for our new Religious Education Program prior to registration:


We have worked hard to create a doable, engaging, realistic and exciting program this year.  As brother Casey Cole mentioned we believe we can “create mystics” of the future. We are asking you to commit to working with us and your children as we strive to be faithful disciples of Jesus and Apostles of Hope.


If you are in agreement... please continue to use this form below to enroll your family into our Religious Education Program.  The information is needed for your child's admission. 

It is important to complete this form accurately.

Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

1)    Parents we asked you to view the Casey Cole video, “Saving a Dying Shrinking Church”,
      YouTube video, April 15, 2020 as seen on our Registration Page.

2)    The Religious Education Program will focus more on the importance of Family in catechesis. So this year:

       a.    All classes this year will be online, and at home (with you).
              We will use Google Classroom and Google Meets for remote learning.
       b.    No classes will be held at Church/School.
       c.    All Classes will be prepared and taught by the Grade Coordinators.
      d.    When registering, Parents will not need to choose a day, a time for class, or a Catechist. All New classes and
              assignments will be provided weekly, which can be viewed and completed anytime during the week at a time
              convenient for you and your child.
      e.    All students, within the same grade, will be taking the same “remote” class, the same week.
      f.    All students will have a week to complete a lesson. They will be required to either answer questions,
            or reflect on a topic.

      g.   Their Attendance and completion of assignments will be monitored through Google Classrooms.

3)    At the start of the year, all Parent Meetings, Class Masses and events will be held virtually, which can be
       heard or seen on your personal computer or smartphone.

4)    Grade level events will be offered for students/families on campus as permitted, especially during Advent and Lent.

5)    There will be a Family Parish Contribution instead of a Religious Education Fee.  The contribution will be $325 per           family and will include everything.
      a.    there will be no additional fees for First Communion banners
      b.    there will be no fee for Confirmation gowns.
      c.   there will be no additional fee for having more than one child per family participating in the RE program.

      d.  there will be no fee for workbooks

6)    Classes will begin the week of October 4, 2020

Fr. Tom discusses Religious Education at SSPJ.

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