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St. Anthony of Padua ~June 13  Video link

Doggone it! Where is it? I know I put it somewhere!”  Sound familiar? When something is lost, St. Anthony is a great saint to ask for help in finding whatever you are looking for. But who was Saint Anthony?

Anthony’s birth and baptismal name was Fernando Martins. He was born in Portugal in 1195 to a wealthy family, yet he felt called to the priesthood and chose a life of poverty. At the age of fifteen he traveled to the capital of Portugal to study to become a priest. After his ordination, he lived at an abbey and was responsible for taking care of visiting guests. Once when some Franciscans were visiting, Fernando felt called to join their order. When he took the vows of this order, he changed his name to Anthony.

The plan was for Anthony to travel to Morocco to help spread the Catholic faith. While there, he became very sick. (Have you ever been sick when you were away from home? It is scary. I wonder how Anthony felt when he became sick in a strange country.)

Because he was so sick, his superiors decided to send him back to Portugal. On the way home, a storm came and blew his ship off course. Instead of landing back in Portugal they landed in Sicily, not far from Italy. They then traveled to Tuscany which is in the middle of Italy. Being ill and weak, Anthony’s superiors decided to have him stay with some local friars to regain his health. He spent a long time there praying and studying.

One day, Dominican friars arrived and there was some confusion about who was to give the homily at a Mass. Somehow, it was determined that Anthony should give it. Anthony was not known for his preaching abilities and his superior told him, “Just say what the Holy Spirit wants you to.” (In other words, don’t prepare anything and God will give you the words to say.) His homily was so well received that he was from then on asked to preach to various groups. He became known as a great preacher. What was so special about Anthony’s preaching? Anyone, young or old, educated or not, could understand what he was trying to teach.

Books back in this time were rare and highly treasured. Anthony had a book that he often used for reference when teaching. One day it was stolen. Saint Anthony prayed that the thief would return it. His prayer was answered. The thief even eventually became a member of his religious order! (This is why Saint Anthony is often called upon by people who are searching for lost items.)

Feast day: June 13

St. Anthony, pray for us!


Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 
Teach Catholic Kids About The Sacred Heart      click the link above to watch the video


A Beatitudes Prayer
Lord, make me poor in spirit, so I can receive the kingdom of heaven. Lord, when I mourn, help me find comfort. Lord, make me meek, so that I may inherit the land. Lord, help me to hunger and thirst for righteousness, so I may be satisfied. Lord, make me merciful, so I may obtain your mercy. Lord, make me pure of heart, so I may see you. Lord, help me to make peace, so I may be called your child. Lord, when I am persecuted for righteousness’ sake, show me your kingdom.
Beatitudes lesson and worksheets


Meet St. Joan of Arc
Joan made quite a spectacle when she arrived at the French army camp at Blois on

a white horse, dressed in white armor and carrying a banner of her own design. A

pageboy and heralds provided by the dauphin rode with her. Marshal Jean de La Brosse,

commander of the force at Blois, together with his aids, met her.

“So, you are Joan the Maid!” he said, looking her over skeptically. “Th e peasant girl on whom Charles depends to bring victory aft er these dozen years of defeat?”

“Sir, she is the Maiden of whom the prophecies speak!” exclaimed the pageboy, which made La Brosse and his aids laugh heartily with scorn.

“It is the King of Heaven who sends me,” Joan said. Fire flashed in her eyes, and the force in her voice silenced their laughter at once. “If you will follow my banner, God will help you break the siege of Orléans, and the dauphin
will be crowned king of France within the year.”

“Well, that would be a miracle, indeed,” La Brosse said mockingly. “And just how does God intend to accomplish this?”

“We’ll begin with discipline and dignity,” Joan said, nodding at the disorderly camp. “All the men must go to Confession. Today! And then Mass, every day. And the cursing and profaning of God must stop!”

The sneer disappeared from La Brosse’s face. “This is your plan? This is what will bring us victory?”

“Only by relying on God will the men have courage,” Joan said, “and only with courage will there be victory.” And with that, she rode into the camp, leaving La Brosse to wonder if this strange girl had indeed been divinely sent. 


The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity 
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Symbols of the Trinity for younger children

Explaining the Trinity to kids can be hard when we as adults have such a hard time grasping the concept.

If you have younger children, make or find a traditional symbol of the Trinity and place it on your home prayer table. Traditional symbols include trefoil (the shamrock), the pansy, or the Trinitaria, a delicately perfumed white flower with three petals. Or make a triangle surrounded by rays, with an eye looking out from the center. As you make your symbol of the Trinity, talk about the unity of the three persons in one God.

 The Sign of the Cross: A profoundly Trinitarian prayer 

This week is a good time to teach kids as young as two and three years old to say the sign of the cross. Let them attempt to imitate you as you slowly make the motions. You can explain to kids four and up some of the meaning of what they are doing. If you’re a bit rusty on the sign of the cross, you can get a refresher in how to make it reverently here:


Seven Ways to Observe Memorial Day as a Catholic


1. First and foremost, we pray for the dead. Memorial Day was originally established to honor Civil War dead. Unfortunately, we’ve had many more wars since then, and many more dead to remember. Has anyone in your family perished during a war the U.S was involved in? Search through your family tree and find out. Pray for your deceased family members, and if you have not lost anyone in conflict, pray for one of the many other souls. Consider having Mass said for someone specific who served.

2. Visit a military cemetery to say prayers, or participate in a wreath laying ceremony. If you don’t live near a military cemetery, (try checking here first), you can go to your local cemetery and look for plots marked with a government issued headstone, or medallion. These markers are offered to all veterans so you will have to read the inscriptions to learn whether or not the deceased died while serving or afterwards.

Click the link above to read more.....

Nine things to do with your kids on Pentecost


Pentecost falls fifty days (seven weeks) after Easter, marking the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the assembled friends and followers of Jesus, and beginning a whole new chapter in salvation history. At Christmas, the Son of God became incarnate in Jesus through the cooperative work of Mary and the Holy Spirit; now, at Pentecost, the Son of God takes on a new body: the Church. Once again, the Holy Spirit is the agent; but this time, instead of working through a single individual (Mary), it is through all the faithful that Christ becomes “incarnate” in the world. That’s why Pentecost is one of the most important days in the Church calendar. See the videos below to help explain Pentecost to your kids.

Here are nine ways you might mark Pentecost with your kids, with links to more ideas elsewhere.



05/31/2017 By Jared Dees

Using this collection of Pentecost activities will help you bring this important feast day to life for students. With these activities, students will be able to explain the meaning of the word Pentecost, recount the events as they unfolded in the Bible, and explain how the Holy Spirit can be active in their own lives.


 10 May Activities for Catholic Families Printable 


Happy Mother's Day

May Crowning

How to start a Mary Garden



Do a craft to celebrate the Ascension of Jesus.


As we leave Mass on Easter morning, perhaps the sun is shining. Maybe the early birds have returned from their winter away, flitting and calling among the open branches.

How can you make this joyful moment last forever?


Gospel Reflection for Kids

April 18 – Third Sunday of Easter

Luke 24:13-35: Two discouraged disciples are joined by Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

They pour out their hearts to him, but they do not recognize him. Jesus explains the

Scriptures to them. It is only when Jesus takes bread, blesses it, breaks it and gives it

to them that they recognize him.


Thinking back now, was there a time this past week that Jesus was close, but you missed him because you were too busy about other things, or perhaps too upset or too angry?


Walking through Holy Week as a family

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, Holy Week, is the most sacred time of year. During this special time, we enter into the passion of Christ — his crucifixion, death and resurrection — through liturgical celebration and personal conversion. While the season of Lent is a very important time in the Church, it is helpful to remember that our Lenten practices (prayer, fasting and almsgiving) are meant as preparation for the three days of the Triduum. There’s more help online to help you celebrate Holy Week at home

Saint Patrick Printables For Catholic Kids

Feast Day: March 17th 

I have a super great round up of printables for Catholic kids on St. Patrick’s day here. It’s a mixture of free printables and affordable stuff, but you definitely don’t want to miss this post. Tons of good resources here!

Meet St. Patrick:

Patrick grew up in Britain, probably in the early 400s, and was kidnapped by Irish raiders at the age of sixteen. After being enslaved for six years, he managed to escape home.

After returning to Britain, Patrick became a bishop. Then he had a dream in which he heard the Irish calling to him, “We appeal to you, holy servant boy, to come and walk among us.” He traveled back to Ireland, and spent 29 years building the Church there.


Meet Saint Joseph

Feast Day: March 19th

Saint Joseph was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster-father of Jesus. He was a very good and patient man. Even though he never speaks in the Bible, Saint Joseph was a man of action. When God told him in a dream that it was okay to marry Mary, and when God told him to go to Egypt to save Jesus from Herod, Saint Joseph listened. He always obeyed God even though he did not always understand.

Through his love and care for Jesus and Mary, Saint Joseph showed his love for God. Because he trusted God, Saint Joseph allowed Him to work in his life. Trusting God can be very hard, especially when we cannot see how our story will end or why God is asking us to do something. We can pray to Saint Joseph to help us trust God just as he did.

40 Lent Activities For Families


1. do someone else’s chore
2. give someone a hug
3. help someone
4. make a card for someone
5. make a craft for someone
6. do something nice for Mom/Dad
7. do something kind for the earth
8. read a book to a sibling
9. say something kind to a family member
10. say something kind to a friend
11. play with someone different at recess
12. tell your teacher one thing you like about her
13. smile at as many people as you can
14. write a letter/draw a picture for someone special
15. bake cookies for a friend/neighbor
16. give something of yours to a family member
17. give something of yours to a friend
18. help someone
19. do someone else’s laundry
20. clean a bathroom
21. make someone else’s bed
22. set aside some of your own money for giving to church
23. use your own money to buy food for the food bank


24. fast from TV
25. fast from dessert
26. fast from candy
27. fast from a bad habit
28. fast from sweet drinks
29. fast from meat
30. fast from junk food


31. praise God for who He is
32. spend a few minutes talking to God
33. thank God for your favorite people
34. pray for someone who is sick
35. sing a song of praise to God
36. kneel before God and pray
37. pray for babies
38. pray for someone who needs to know Jesus
39. pray for your parish family
40. read a Bible story together

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