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Session 7.1:
The One Thing
Session 7.0:
Intro: The Epidemic
Session 7 (Confirmation I/II)- The Eucharist
Session 7.2:
The True Presence
Session 7.3:
The Power of the Eucharist
Session 7.4:
Get Close and Stay Close
Session 7.5:
Decision Point
Session 8 (Confirmation I/II)- The Holy Spirit
Session 8.0:
The Next Right Thing
Session 8.1:
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
Session 8.2:
Unopened Gifts
Session 8.3:
The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Session 8.4:
Session 8.5:
Decision Point
Session 9.0 (Confirmation II)- The Church
Session 9.0:
Intro- Counter Cultural
Session 9.2:
One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic
Session 9.4:
10 Great Reasons to Be Catholic
Session 9.1
The First Christians & The Early Church
Session 9.3:
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Lies
Session 9.5:
Decision Point
Session 10.0 (Confirmation II)- Confirmation
Session 10.0:
If You Get The Man Right
Session 10.2:
The Power of Preparation
Session 10.4:
On The Day
Session 10.1:
What Is Confirmation?
Session 10.3:
How Will Confirmation Change You?
Session 10.5:
Decision Point
Session 11 (Confirmation II)- Made For Mission
Session 11.0:
Intro- Everything is Connected
Session 11.1:
The World is A Mess.
Session 11.2:
A World Without Neighbors
Session 11.3:
Finding Your Mission
Session 11.4:
Your Untapped Greatness
Session 11.5:
Decision Point
Session 12 (Confirmation II)- Holiness is Possible
Session 12.0
Intro: Perseverance
Session 12.2
Everything Is an Opportunity
Session 12.4:
Session 12.1
The Holy Moment
Session 12.3
Your YES Can Change the World
Session 12.5:
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